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'Weten wat je wil als middel tegen stress & burn-out'

Are you looking for more peace and meaning? Do you want to determine your own life path from now on or are you asking yourself where you want to go in this life? 

This self-coach book puts you on the path to knowing what you want! A path to your future dreams, for a life with more life energy and less stress. Step by step, you'll tackle your personal energy drains, challenges and emotional hurts.

With a clear 8-step plan, you start working with yourself. Knowing What You Want as a Remedy for Stress and Burnout is a guide for anyone who is searching in life and is confronted with stress or burnout. Coaches and therapists who want to support their clients optimally can also get started with this book.

"This book gives your past a place and your future a clear vision. Don't just read it, but DO and LIVE it! Write in it, fold pages, highlight, fluorescence, make it yours! Through this book you bend stress into resilience and life energy." Sonja Kimpen

Ine De Deken is a clinical psychologist, burnout expert and business coach. Furthermore, Ine is manager & coordinator of a paramedical center & training center, Center ViZiT in Veurne, from where she gives therapy as well as lectures, courses and trainings.

Weten wat je wil als middel tegen stress en burn-out was created after a collaboration between Ine and health coach Sonja Kimpen. Ine based herself on the original version of Sonja's book 'Sterker dan Stress' (Stronger than Stress: 2010) and went one step further. She placed Sonja's success concepts in a therapeutic thinking framework.

As a reader, you get a very solution-oriented do-book with a concrete strategy for knowing what you want. This knowing what you want gives you a solid foundation to positively address stress and burnout.


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Order this book !

Your can order the book by one simple click below!