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Keep Your Balance:

The solution for your company or organization!

At Keep Your Balance it is my mission to assist companies and organizations in strengthening the resilience of employees & managers!
I do this by implementing an active policy in your company to increase both psychosocial well-being at work and reduce stress and burnout in the workplace. 

Better Company Results

Go for more motivated people in your company with more resilience, self-confidence & workpleasure

Less Absenteeism & Turnover 

Focusing on psychosocial well-being leads to less absenteeism, happier employees and an improvement in teamspirit 

Compliant to the law

I always work fully compliant with the current legislation on psychosocial well-being at work

Targeted, efficient and people-oriented approach tailored to your company or organization!

When I work as a business coach for companies, I also always ensure that they are fully compliant with the current legislation on psychosocial well-being at work.
This by carrying out the legally required psychosocial risk analysis and drawing up a psychosocial prevention plan tailored to your organization or company.

You can also always contact Keep Your Balance for:
- tailor-made training, lectures or training
- individual or team-oriented wellbeing coaching
- stress or burn-out coaching of employees or managers
- conflict management in the workplace
- function of external confidential advise


  • Ine's approach is very straight forward and progressive. She has a very solution-oriented vision and we can always turn to her for extra support or advice. She has also coached our managers very well towards better leadership, more self-confidence & clear communication!
  • Since we started working with Ine, our operation has improved enormously! We experience less absenteeism in the workplace and our employees are much more motivated and enthusiastic since we started working with Ine's psychosocial well-being policy. We can only recommend it!

Our Best Features in Business Coaching

Online one-on-one consulting with CEO's, leaders or employees

Online group training program

Online or in house workshops

psychosocial risk analysis & tailered prevention plan 

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