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Keep Your Balance is a online practice where everyone can go for individual coaching, business coaching, group training, workshops & webinars.

In addition to the online practice, Keep Your Balance also has a professional spot in the South of Tenerife (Golf del Sur).

In my practice in Golf Del Sur I look forward meeting you for personal live coaching or for the boost weeks that are given several times a year for people who want to take huge steps forward in one week thanks to a very focused & in-depth coaching process that guarantees success!

Keep Your Balance supports both individuals & companies and guides you towards a better balance between body and mind.
More (work)enthusiasm & less stress, that's what KeepYourBalance stands for!

Who is Ine De Deken?

Ine De Deken (°1988) is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, business coach & burnout specialist. She is also author of her first (Dutch) book 'Weten wat je wil als middel tegen stress en burn-out' (translated: 'knowing what you want as a remedy for stress and burnout')

Ine has been working as a clinical psychologist for more than 12 years and started her own paramedical center in Belgium in 2017, called Centrum ViZiT. In 2021 she also started her online practice 'KeepYourBalance'. Over the years, Ine was gaining expertise in individual coaching, company coaching, group training & workshops. You can also meet her in person at one of her retreats (boostweeks) in the sunny paradise; Tenerife.

From a true love and passion for her profession, Ine strengthen people's mental resilience and inner resilience in everything she does. This applies to both private individuals, employees and managers/CEO's in their working environment. Based on the same passion and ambition, Ine also works as a freelance teacher (for psychotherapists in training) and she is the creative & professional brain behind the content of various guided growth tracks that both individuals and companies can use with the BloomUp app. This in collaboration with organization BloomUp and the University of Ghent (Belgium).

With KeepYourBalance you will...

All these things are possible in KeepYourBalance!

Coach yourself as a person or company & go for more flow & resilience!

If your want to experience more flow & resilience in life, coaching is a good first step to take! Coaching helps you to achieve your goals and dreams in life!

Go for more self-confidence, assertiveness & energy!

Coaching helps you to increase your inner strength and mental resilience. It brings you to a better energy level in your personal life or will level up your business skills (or those of your employees). 

Choose the best stress & burn-out expertise!

The right support is the most important thing when you want to recover from a burnout or when you want to avoid one. Choosing the best expert guidance with a well trained psychologist is your first step in this proces. 

Choose the right traject for you! 

With KeepYourBalance you can choose whatever you want. You prefer working individually or in group, online or in Tenerife, one hour at a time or a whole week? With KeepYourBalance everything is possible! 

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