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Individual Coaching

People often wonder what the difference is between therapy and coaching. Coaching focuses more on health prevention, with the focus on early intervention in order to prevent more profound problems or the emergence of real psychological, emotional, relational or mental complaints. Healing is therefore not the goal and illness is not the starting point. In coaching I try to help you on your way with some simple, but very efficient tools and tips, so that you can continue on your own after a few sessions.

Coaching can be very valuable if you feel that you want to achieve certain goals or run into certain problems in your life, but are not sure how to start yourself.
In KeepYourBalance you can go for coaching in the field of self-confidence, assertiveness, communication, parenting support and a healthy mindset!
If you have been experiencing some problems in one or more of these areas lately or if you feel stuck and don't know how to move forward, we can start together!

Together we work on a stronger and healthier version of yourself! 

Stress & burnout coaching

Stress and burnout are better prevented than cured!
As a psychologist, I have years of expertise in guiding people who suffer from chronic stress or burnout. I even launched a Dutch book on this theme in 2021: 'Weten wat je wil als middel tegen stress en burn-out' (translated in English: Knowing what you want as a remedy for stress and burnout).

In KeepYourBalance I guide clients in an early phase of burnout who experience excessive tension or stress as well as clients who are experiencing a burnout or are recovering from it.

If you have excessive stress or a burnout, start this coaching process quickly so that we can tackle the causes together. This is the only way to recover quickly and prevent relapse!
I support you in setting up an efficient stress coping and I help you on your way to a healthy, sustainable balance in your life. This is both physically, emotionally and mentally.

What is covered in a burn-out coaching process?
- Analysis of the pattern of complaints and the causes of stress.
- Working on restoring energy and reducing tension by learning how to dose energy.

- Gaining insight into limiting thought patterns, beliefs and values.
- Working on restoring self-confidence.
- Dealing with perfectionism.
- Empowering core talents and challenges.
- Optimizing social functioning: asking for help, setting limits, assertiveness.
- Optimizing a balanced work-life balance.
- Stabilization and relapse prevention.


If you feel that you are experiencing serious emotional or psychological problems and you experience difficulties in your daily functioning as a result, psychotherapeutic treatment can certainly help you further. This, for example, in case of depression, anxiety, grief or trauma.

Together we work to improve your well-being.
In addition, psychotherapy is aimed at supporting you in making your own choices and creating an opening to your growth process.
The most important ingredient of therapy is attention to your story.

By following psychotherapy you learn to deal better with your complaints and you work on reducing these complaints.
You learn to look at certain things differently and to react differently to certain situations, which has a positive effect on your complaints and daily functioning.

Psychotherapy offers mental space to reflect on yourself, your relationships, your feelings and the bottlenecks you experience in your life.
Together with me as a psychologist you will look for answers, insights, new perspectives and change.
Psychotherapy supports you in finding your own solutions and making your own choices.

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